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Honey at the Markets

November 12, 2018

Honey at the Markets

Saturdays are usually the one day of the week when people sleep in. However, those involved in weekend farmers markets often wake up earlier than they do during the regular work week.

We are coming to the end of our first season of selling our honey at local farmers markets. We've had early mornings, long days, hot temperatures, and crowds of people. We've met many new people, both customers and other vendors. Those who were strangers at the start of the season are now friends. Some who had never tried local honey before are now repeat customers who tell their friends about us.

Our first farmers market, the Greenville State Farmers Market is probably the oldest market in our area. Many of the vendors have been setting up their tables there for  years.In fact, one of the vendors came to the market as a little girl when her father was a vendor! Most of the customers have been buying there for many years. I noticed this to be true as I saw the same faces every Saturday morning for weeks! Even though we were the "new kids on the block" (so to speak), these vendors welcomed us, gave us good advice, and even traded some of their products for ours. 

Even though we have just a few weeks left of the regular market season, we are looking forward to our first holiday markets. If you are local to our area and are wanting some unique Christmas gifts, look for us at the Holiday Fair the weekend after Thanksgiving and the Mauldin Holiday Market the following weekend. We look forward to meeting you!




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