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Honey-Nut Christmas Cookies

December 05, 2018

Honey-Nut Christmas Cookies

It's hard to believe that Christmas is less than 3 weeks away! Everyone is busy shopping, attending holiday parties and other events, visiting with family, and baking! 

I used to do a lot of baking during the holiday season when my kiddos were little. One of their favorite activities was baking cookies. The number of recipes for Christmas cookies endless! 

In recent years I have begun baking with honey as my sweetener. It is just so much better for you than sugar. And we all know that we consume tons of sugar this time of year! This recipe for Honey-Nut Christmas cookies helps to lessen that amount of sugar! It is a great recipe. Don't forget to use raw, local honey from Greenville Honey Company!

If you don't want round cookies, why not use some holiday cookie cutters? Give it a try! This recipe just might become a favorite!

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