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Shop Local Small Businesses

November 16, 2018

Shop Local Small Businesses

Are you already working on your Christmas gift-giving list? For some of us, this can be a daunting experience! Well, making the list might not be difficult, but who really wants to face the crowded malls, roads, and parking lots when it is time to shop? This year, stay away from the crowds and make your purchases from some of your local small businesses.

Greenville Honey Company is an example of a small business. Our products are not sold in the big box stores. You can get them at the local farmers markets where you can personally ask questions and get answers about our products. You will get personal attention that you deserve when you shop!

You can also order from our web page Your honey purchases will be sent out within a day or two of your order. And we are always ready to answer questions sent to us via email (

Make your holidays less stressful by shopping local this year!

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